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Underrated Beaches of Zanzibar You Must Visit

November 15, 2020

A two-hour boat ride off the shore of Tanzania lies the paradise islands of Zanzibar nestled in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Along with the fine white sands and clear blue waters, the traditional boats called ‘dhows’ add some charm to the Zanzibar beach scenes. For the most part, the best beaches in Zanzibar hardly require any introduction, which is why this article is focused on its more underrated offerings. These include: 

Bwejuu Beach 

Located on the southeast corner of Zanzibar, Bwejuu isn’t exactly where you’ll want to go for a dip due to low tides, but it is the best place to marvel at raw, untouched beach beauty. This white sandy beach is lined with lanky, yet limber palm trees dancing to the Zanzibari wind.  Bwejuu is one of the quietest parts of Zanzibar, making it a popular choice for those seeking total relaxation and privacy. Take in the incredible scenes of the local fishermen returning from sail in their dhows with their catch of the day, women collecting seaweed, and kids playing football in the sand. You can also indulge in some diving and snorkeling on this quiet and extremely long stretch of beach.

Matemwe Beach 

Along the northeastern coast of Zanzibar lies Matemwe beach, an area famous for its wide, windswept beaches and extreme tides with the water retreating hundreds of meters when the tide goes out. This means that swimming may not be ideal; but don't worry, there are lots of other thrilling activities to partake in during your stay. Matemwe is perfect for kitesurfing, reef walking, kayaking, and dhow sailing. Unlike many of the other beaches in Zanzibar, it has stayed relatively untouched by tourism until recently. Fringed with coconut palm trees and overlooking a shallow coral-fringed lagoon, the area attracts a wealth of marine life including many types of reef fish, turtles, and dolphins. 

Chumbe Island

You will find the protected reserve of Chumbe Island just a few kilometers from Zanzibar’s southwest coast. The island is surrounded by one of the most diverse coral reefs in the continent, boasting over 200 corals and 350 different fish species that attract flocks of dolphins and turtles. Head inland to explore its unspoiled sandy beaches or wander around to spot some of the island’s endemic wildlife species, like over 60 different bird species and the protected Coconut Crab - the world’s largest land-living crab, which can weigh as much as four kilos. You can also book some of its unique and artistic eco bungalows if you plan on staying here for a while. It is definitely an option to consider when you visit Zanzibar.

Michamvi Beach

Michamvi is a peninsula situated on the central east coast of Zanzibar. The area feels quite remote with its long stretches of empty beaches, even though there are two large beach resorts here. The peninsula consists of two parts -- Michamvi-Pingwe on the eastern side and Michamvi-Kae on the west. Michamvi-Pingwe features a vibrant coral lagoon and beautiful palm-fringed beaches from where you can set off to explore the many scenic coves between high coral-rag cliffs nearby. Michamvi-Kae is sparsely populated and usually quiet. You will find only a few resorts here which makes it perfect for those who need to literally escape civilization and want to indulge in oceanside relaxation. Swimming is not always possible due to low tides and the prevalence of seaweeds, but Michamvi boasts some pretty romantic and stunning sunset views. If you are going there from Bwejuu or Jambiani, you could stop along the way to dine at the famous Rock restaurant.

Mnemba Atoll

Just off Zanzibar’s northeast coast, the small island of Mnemba boasts some of the whitest sand beaches and bluest waters on the planet. It is home to the most famous conservation site on Zanzibar with long stretches of beautiful and colorful coral reefs. Mnemba Atoll is considered to be the best dive spot in Zanzibar so be sure to pack for a snorkeling/diving adventure. The beautiful world under the sea features endless varieties of plant and fish species, including multicolored starfish! What makes Mnemba unique is that it is private so you have to be a guest of the island lodge to access it.

Chwaka Beach

If you’re hoping to observe ample marine life during your Zanzibar stay, Chwaka provides a broad inlet fringed by mangrove lagoons that house various kinds of fish and marine animals. It’s not that great for swimming as the water is pretty busy with sea life, but armed with your camera, it makes for a unique walk in its shallow waters.

The Best Beaches in Zanzibar for the Perfect Holiday 

Whether you’re looking to explore colorful coral reefs on a scuba diving trip, or simply recline on the fine sands with a cocktail in hand, Zanzibar delivers a beach experience unlike any other. Definitely worth a spot on your travel list!

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