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We come from very simple and humble beginnings. We started in a small African art gallery in Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania back in 1968. But our vision was always ambitious. We always aimed to create, grow and control a world-class African Art brand in our society and to create unique handmade African art, paintings and décor that are affordable and that look amazing! Today our style of African Art is regarded as the most well-known and ubiquitous style of Art in Eastern Africa with customers all over the globe! We offer free shipping globally with professional couriers and the best customer service you can imagine! All our African art pieces for sale on our online art gallery are made with durable canvases, the highest quality oil & acyclic paints and all are shipped in recyclable packaging materials directly from our gallery in Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania. All our materials are locally sourced in Tanzania and all our artists are Tanzanian citizens, making all our products a truly proud African product! In addition to this, we cater to a broad range of international customers across different countries and regions who love our products for their uniqueness, creativity and style!


We take our footprint very seriously!


Every piece of African Art we produce is made from the most sustainable materials: a combination of recycled, organic and bio-based materials. We embrace deeply sustainable and traditionally zero-carbon methods of production as they are integral parts of Tanzania's cultural fabric, a custom which we feel committed to preserving. We are one of the largest African Art galleries on the continent with a focus on producing the best quality art at a reasonable price. We also offer the ability to make an offer for any of our products and will not refuse any decent offer price for any of our African paintings. In addition to this, we can also create a unique piece just for yo according to the specifications you provide us. Unlike mass produced African art and décor, we proudly hand craft everything that goes into our artworks. By supporting our artists we help preserve Tanzania's traditions, heritage and unique craft. Thus, each purchase positively impacts the livelihood of our community and society. Not only do we ensure our African artists are paid fairly, we also reinvest our profits into education, health and the social improvement of the community. We are determined to leverage our skills to benefit all our African artists and to advance African Art in the global art industry and provide an equal opportunity playing-field to African artists in Tanzania.

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Ethical approach to making a difference!


Tanzania has one of the largest creative industries in Africa with home to hundreds of talented artists having a prominent role in Tanzanian cultural life. We are committed to creating monetizable products that have positive impacts, not just to our customers and our local artists, but on the quality of life of our community. At our gallery, our African artists are our most important asset, and we are dedicated to providing the necessary patronage and support that they need to thrive and succeed. We empower our artists and their families to break the cycle of poverty by providing access to education, healthcare, greater prosperity, well-being and financial inclusion. We have invested a significant amount of time, resources and effort in the development of this digital platform to create a sustainable means for our artists to showcase all their artworks to a global audience! Our platform is the safest, largest and most secure source of buying African art globally with an international customer base. We offer secure payment options, delivery with professional couriers, amazing customer service, a hassle-free checkout process and the option to tailor any painting to your unique specifications and happily accommodate all your special requirements and adapt to meet your needs. Our purpose is to make sustainable living commonplace. It’s why we come to work. It’s why we’re in business. It’s how we inspire exceptional performance in our team.

We transform communities in Africa!


Since the inception of our African art gallery in Tanzania, we have been dedicated to employing the most highly marginalized and vulnerable in our communities or those thought to be unemployable. We recognize the depth of wealth of natural and cultural resources existing closer to home and it is with this ethos that we are able to make it possible to deploy local resources and human capital to create African artworks and paintings that are made ethically and professionally by our people. Historically, people with disabilities have not had it easy here in Tanzania, finding and keeping work owing to systemic discrimination and difficulties just getting to their work. In light of this, we positioned ourselves as an equal opportunity partner and provide timely and an above market price for all the paintings and artworks our African artists produce and ensure they are compensated fairly in line with our fair trade policy. Thus every action we take is with the communities betterment in mind. The ripple effect that starts with the purchase of any of our paintings becomes a powerful force for positive community transformation for all our African artists in Tanzania. Join us and be a part of the transformation we aspire to achieve. Low wages and lack of opportunity hold people back – and they undermine the drive for inclusion, fairness and respect for human rights. That has to change. People deserve a fairer share of the value they help create. They deserve a living wage or income, and a decent standard of living. People deserve fair access to opportunities – and to the skills, finance and technology they need to unlock them. And because living wages and fairer access to opportunity help break the cycle of poverty, we're convinced they'll also unlock growth. We're determined to raise living standards of our artists throughout our value chain.

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31 1/2 in X 23 5/8 in

100CM x 80CM

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140CM x 110CM

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