Creating Your Own Tingatinga African Art Collection

Creating Your Own Tingatinga African Art Collection

August 31, 2023


Welcome to the world of Tingatinga African paintings, a captivating art form that fuses tradition with contemporary expression. If you're intrigued by the vibrant colors, cultural narratives, and unique styles that Tingatinga art offers, you're not alone. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the exciting journey of creating your very own Tingatinga art collection. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, these steps will help you curate a stunning array of artworks that reflect your taste and appreciation for African creativity.

Step 1: Define Your Collection's Theme

Every great collection begins with a concept. With our diverse range of Tingatinga collections, including contemporary, cartoon, cultural, abstract, and landscape, you have a wealth of themes to choose from. Consider what resonates with you the most. Do you appreciate the boldness of contemporary pieces, the whimsy of cartoons, the connection to cultural heritage, the mystery of abstracts, or the beauty of landscapes? Your chosen theme will be the guiding force behind your collection.

Step 2: Research and Exploration

Now that you have your theme in mind, dive into the world of Tingatinga art. Explore our website's different collections and take note of the artists whose work resonates with you. Learn about the techniques, colors, and narratives that define each style. Engaging with the stories behind the artwork can deepen your appreciation and understanding of Tingatinga's cultural significance.

Step 3: Set a Budget

Art collecting can be as affordable or as extravagant as you desire. Set a budget that aligns with your financial comfort and the value you place on the pieces. Our made-to-order Tingatinga paintings come in various sizes, which can affect the pricing. By setting a budget, you can curate your collection while staying within your means.

Step 4: Mix and Match

The beauty of creating a Tingatinga art collection is the opportunity to mix and match styles. Even within a single collection, there's a wide variety of expressions. For instance, in the cultural collection, you might find pieces that celebrate different African traditions. By selecting a few pieces from each style, you'll add depth and dimension to your collection.

Step 5: Curate with Intention

As you start acquiring pieces, curate your collection with intention. Consider how each artwork contributes to the overall narrative you're building. Think about the visual flow of the collection—how do the colors and subjects complement one another? Your collection should tell a story that's meaningful to you.

Step 6: Display and Enjoy

Once you've gathered your collection, it's time to display it proudly in your living space. Consider the lighting, placement, and arrangement of the artworks. Whether you choose a gallery-style arrangement or a more eclectic display, make sure the pieces are visible and appreciated.

Step 7: Stay Open to New Discoveries

Art collecting is a journey that never truly ends. Keep an open mind and stay attuned to new artists and emerging styles within the Tingatinga tradition. As your collection grows, so will your understanding of this rich art form.

Step 8: Understand the Artists Behind the Artwork

Take the time to learn about the artists whose work you're collecting. Research their backgrounds, inspirations, and artistic journeys. Understanding the artist's perspective can deepen your connection to the artwork and provide insights into their creative process.

Step 9: Consider Artwork Size and Space

When selecting pieces for your collection, consider the available space where you plan to display them. The size of the artwork should harmonize with the proportions of the room. A larger painting might become the focal point of a living room, while smaller pieces can add charm to a hallway or bedroom.

Step 10: Attend Art Exhibitions and Shows

Stay engaged with the Tingatinga art community by attending art exhibitions and shows. These events offer opportunities to see new works, connect with artists, and meet fellow art enthusiasts. It's a chance to expand your knowledge and appreciation for the art form.

Step 11: Document Your Collection

As your collection grows, consider documenting it through photographs or a catalog. This not only helps you keep track of the pieces you own but also serves as a record of your journey as a collector. It can be a wonderful keepsake to pass down to future generations.

Step 12: Rotate and Refresh

Keep your collection dynamic by occasionally rotating the artworks on display. This can breathe new life into your space and allow you to appreciate different pieces at different times. It's also an opportunity to revisit the stories and emotions that each artwork evokes.

Step 13: Connect with Other Collectors

Joining art forums, social media groups, or local art clubs can connect you with other Tingatinga art collectors. Sharing insights, experiences, and recommendations with fellow enthusiasts can enhance your collecting journey and open up new avenues of exploration.

Step 14: Consider Custom Commissions

If you have a specific vision or concept in mind, consider commissioning a custom Tingatinga painting. Many artists are open to creating personalized pieces that align with your preferences and themes. This adds a unique touch to your collection.

Step 15: Embrace the Learning Process

Collecting Tingatinga art is not just about acquiring beautiful pieces—it's a continuous learning process. Embrace the opportunity to expand your knowledge of African culture, artistic techniques, and the stories that these artworks tell. Each piece can be a source of discovery and enrichment.

Step 16: Share Your Collection's Story

Your collection has a narrative that reflects your tastes, values, and journey as a collector. Consider sharing this story with friends, family, and fellow art enthusiasts. Whether through a personal blog, social media posts, or casual conversations, your passion for Tingatinga art can inspire others.


Creating a Tingatinga art collection is a celebration of African creativity, cultural heritage, and personal expression. With our website's diverse collections of contemporary, cartoon, cultural, abstract, and landscape paintings, you have a wealth of options to curate a collection that speaks to your heart. Each piece you choose becomes a window into the intricate world of Tingatinga art, connecting you to the stories, colors, and rhythms of Africa.

By following these steps and considering these additional points, you're well on your way to curating a collection that embodies the spirit of African expression. Remember, each piece you collect contributes to a visual symphony that resonates with history, artistry, and your unique perspective as a collector. Enjoy the process of building a collection that celebrates the beauty and vibrancy of Tingatinga African paintings.

Explore and acquire the captivating allure of Tingatinga African paintings through our curated collection, available for purchase on our website. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, rich narratives, and diverse styles of this cherished art form. With global shipping, art enthusiasts from around the world can now bring the essence of Africa into their spaces. Discover your favorite pieces and experience the beauty of Tingatinga art firsthand.

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