COVID-19 response

With over 22 million confirmed cases worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis affecting all our programmes, and all the countries in which we export.

The communities we serve are now faced with multiple challenges – from the risk of contracting the virus itself and its impact on overstretched health services, to the knock-on repercussions from containment measures on health, education and livelihoods systems.

We are adapting our work to respond to these new challenges – both now and in the longer-term.

At this incredibly difficult time, our focus as a gallery is to safeguard the wellbeing of everyone involved with our business, as well as our own staff.

Economies in the regions where we export are likely to be significantly damaged by the impact of COVID-19. Our goal, to support the financial stability that that will improve the lives of our artisans here in Tanzania, has never been more important.

People are at the heart of our business. Therefore, the health and safety of our employees, business partners and the communities where we operate is extremely important for us. We are working very hard to keep them healthy, safe and supported.

Reaching the most marginalised

Our work is always focused on supporting the most vulnerable people in society – but now, more than ever, it’s critical that we take steps to ensure that no one is left behind.

We know that crises like this have a disproportionate impact on the most marginalised groups – including people with disabilities, women, children, people living with HIV, We are committed to ensuring social inclusion and gender equality as part of all our interventions.

Our studio and distribution centers continue to utilize best-in-class safety protocols to maintain security and safety. These enhanced protocols will not change for the foreseeable future. Our safety protocols include wearing masks, physical distancing and temperature checks when checking into work each day, in addition to adjusted work schedules and work teams to ensure artisan safety. We are also encouraging everyone to follow the recommended and mandated guidelines outside of work, adhering to all government health and safety protocols.

Our other actions include:

  • In addition to our normal strict hygiene standards, putting in place additional safety measures in our factories, offices and distribution centers.
  • Encouraging studio-based artisans  to work from home whenever possible.
  • Asking our artists not to travel internationally for business purposes.
  • Offering generous sick leave arrangements for those who contract the virus.
  • Providing cash loans or advances for those in financial distress.
  • Offering free meals and transport for staff to help reduce the risk they fall ill.
  • Ensuring mandatory use of face masks and hand sanitizers whenever possible.
Size Guide

Centimeters (CM)

Inches (IN)

50CM x 40CM

19 11/16 in X 15 3/4 in

50CM x 50CM

19 11/16 in X 19 11/16 in

60CM x 60CM

23 5/8 in X 23 5/8 in

70CM x 50CM

27 9/16 in X 19 11/16 in

80CM x 60CM

31 1/2 in X 23 5/8 in

100CM x 80CM

39 3/8 in X 31 1/2 in

140CM x 110CM

55 1/8 in X 43 5/16 in