Zanzibar, Tanzania: An Island Of Enchantment

Zanzibar, Tanzania: An Island Of Enchantment

Zanzibar is an archipelago, a group of islands that are semi-autonomously governed. The main island in the archipelago is Unguja, home to the famous UNESCO world heritage centre, Stone Town. Unguja is popularly called Zanzibar. I is really an island of magic. There are so many magical places in and around Zanzibar and you should visit all of them.

The most magical of them all is the Rock Restaurant. This world famous restaurant is situated on a rock and you need to go on a boat to reach it during high tide. During low tide you can walk to the restaurant. The food is great. Italian inspiration with spice island twists and influences; and all the sea food is sourced from the Indian Ocean where it is located. People from all over the world visit Zanzibar to have a meal at the Rock restaurant. You need to book early if you want to eat here as the place is small and with limited seats it becomes difficult to accommodate everybody.

Stone Town is another magical place. It is a place where you can interact with the locals. You can eat some wonderful food here such as biryani, pilau and samosas. You can also view the wonderful architecture on display here. Stone Town has been a part of the spice trade for centuries and hence a spice tour is mandatory for all visitors. Zanzibar and spice trade are synonymous with each other. So you should take a spice tour and learn about the various spices that are sold. You will also learn how they are harvested and how they should be used in your food. You will also be treated to some wonderful food that incorporates those spices. If you feel you can buy spices and take back home.

Prison Island is the place where slaves were kept when slavery was in vogue. Since the time slavery was abolished the place is in ruins. You can visit the ruins and also have a look at the giant tortoises that call it their home now as it is a natural reserve now.

There are many beaches in Zanzibar and they are known for their pristine white sand. The clear turquoise waters are also a major draw. The coral that abounds is also a reason why deep sea divers love to come here. If you are into scuba diving or if you want to learn scuba diving then you will love Zanzibar and its islands. Not just scuba diving it is a snorkeler’s paradise. Snorkelers from around the world visit Zanzibar to do some snorkelling. If you are new to snorkelling you will not be disappointed as there are many wonderful snorkelling spots in and around Zanzibar. You can also spot dolphins around here.

You can also do kite surfing in Zanzibar. Paje beach is one of the premier spots to kite surf. The wind and the water is just ideal for kite surfing here. Kite surfing enthusiasts from around the world visit Zanzibar and especially Paje to kite surf.

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