What is the Selous?

What is the Selous?

August 11, 2018

Whether you are landing in a small chartered flight, driving through dense vegetation or cruising in a boat to your camp, visiting the Selous Game Reserve conveys a distinguished wildlife impression. Bigger than the Serengeti National Park and the largest Game Reserve of Africa, this safari destination is historical, magnificent, diverse and special. The cumulative experience of the Selous is often found in exploring Africa on foot, driving through marshy landscapes and soaking in the miniscule observations in this bizarre environ. If you are considering an exotic bush holiday to a less- known destination in Africa, here is why the Selous should be your ultimate choice.

Good to know

Location: Southern Safari Circuit, Tanzania

Size: 56,400 km2

Reaching there: By road ( approx. 5-6 hrs) or chartered flight ( approx. 3 hrs)

Best Time to Visit: Dry season from June to October

It never gets crowded

Known for its intimate and selective camping experience, the Selous Game Reserve  attracts a niche market of honeymooners, couples, families and solo travelers. Thanks to its massive area, lodges and camps are scattered throughout the game reserve and render an interrupted wildlife viewing experience. Unlike parks in the Northern Safari Circuit, the reserve does not get busy with several tourists so one can watch an astonishing wildlife drama with no disturbance.  In fact, walking safaris are very popular in the Selous and wild animals are frequently seen in close proximity to your tents.

The calm River Rufiji and the signature palm backdrop of the Selous Game Reserve

A wildlife fantasy

Selous Game Reserve is defined by its woodlands and the meandering Rufiji River forming a number of streams and channels. You will not find vast open savannahs here but you will love traveling across the narrow, marshy and bumpy tracks that lead to you to pods of hippos, a hundred flowering trees, and concentrations of crocodiles, elephants, wild dogs and lions. It is here you will spot over 2000 varieties of plants, multi-colored birds and butterflies as you move through tall palms, dense bushes and mysterious paths.

Where wild dogs hunt giraffe calves

Game viewing experiences in the Selous are unusual and bring you close to the action packed wildlife drama. When the calving season sets in, the social predators such as wild dogs get opportunistic to hunt for the calves that make for easy and wholesome prey. Zebras, giraffes, impalas, kudus and hartebeest move with vigilance, yet become quick targets of lions and hyenas. It is heart-breaking and exhilarating to watch this hunt up close with no one to disturb you as you witness this emotional drama.

Boating safaris for up-close views of flora, hippos and crocodiles

A photographer’s favorite

The diversity of this massive game drive spreads out across more than 50,000 km2 with all sorts species from the gigantic elephants to sly crocodiles live in the breathtaking landscape. With the high possibility to spot more animals than humans, the Selous game reserve is a photographer’s paradise. Travel by boat, explore the bushes on foot or hop into your land cruiser to spot exotic species of flora and fauna including reptiles, mammals and birds thriving in a natural environment. The landscape is even more vivid just after the rains in April, May and November.

Photography treats at the Selous – hippo and the wild dog.

Special moments with the wildlife

There are very few chances that you are simply going to spend your time in your safari car. Selous Game Reserve is one of the safari destinations that gives you opportunity to get close to wildlife. You can opt for boating and walking safaris while planning your holiday itineraryand experience thrilling activities in the wild. This is perhaps your only chance to watch the yellow-billed storks, baboons and crocodiles so closely. Some guests also choose flying camping that feature boat cruising, open air accommodation, buck showers and bush dinners.

Honeymooner’s Paradise- Luxury Safari Experience at Azura Selous


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