Handmade products you can buy in Tanzania

Handmade products you can buy in Tanzania

June 18, 2018

Shopping in Tanzania is quite specific.

In this country, you can buy only things with traditional African flavor.

Handmade products like clothing, which is offered by local shopping centers, is made of natural fabrics.

These outfits are designed for beach recreation or safaris. Shopping centers and markets sell bright pareos, scarves, t-shirts, shorts, and light trousers.

You can find large stores only in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, and Zanzibar. However, the choice of souvenirs in Tanzania is huge.

All local products are symbols of Africa. You can bring with you a variety of wooden masks and statuettes, leather goods, jewelry, and drums. A unique item is a jewelry made of tanzanite, which is a precious stone mined at the foot of Kilimanjaro.

Animals in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the world's largest exporters of coffee and tea. Most varieties are of high quality; they will be wonderful universal souvenirs. The most popular sorts of coffee are Typicu, Kent, and Blue Mountain; the famous tea is the black Orthodox. A wonderful gift will be an item made of aloe fibers. This stuff is natural and features a bright African design. Another souvenir, which can be attributed to the category of mandatory purchases, is spices. Zanzibar is unofficially called the island of spices. There are plantations of cloves, ginger, and cinnamon. All these spices are sold in numerous markets in almost every city. They will add to the dishes bright tastes and incredible flavors.

Among souvenirs and goods from Tanzania, a special place is occupied by items made in the villages of Maasai. They belong to the most famous African and Tanzanian tribes. Maasai live mainly in the north of the country. However, you can find objects made in this style in different souvenir markets and stores. A variety of masks and wooden figurines with elongated shapes, as well as vessels with ornaments on wood are among them. Ebony Makonde is used for them. Blankets that the representatives of the tribe use as clothing, are considered valuable for the Maasai culture. Also, tourists can buy a variety of bead jewelry in the traditional African style. Decorations are very inexpensive, but they look stylish and bright.

You can save the memory about Africa with colorful handmade art and paintings of Tinga Tinga, which depict animals, traditions and life of the people of Maasai.

Be careful while buying a jewelry of Tanzanite. This stone, which is often called a blue diamond, is mined only in the volcanic deposits of Kilimanjaro. Therefore, it is extraordinarily valuable. When buying, you need to ask for a certificate. You couldn't take it through the border without a document certifying the authenticity of the stone. You can buy tourmaline, emeralds, sapphires, pomegranates, and rubies in Tanzania.


The main shopping centers in Dar es Salaam are Nyerere Cultural Center and Mwenge Handicrafts Village. There, you can buy bright Kang clothes, jewelry, paintings, and figurines of Makonde, wicker baskets, and dice. Souvenirs, as a rule, are cheaper on the markets. Arusha, which is a town in the north of the country where safari routes start, has a fairly large Maasai market.

Handmade African Art from Tanzania for sale

It is most profitable to buy ebony figurines, paintings, blankets, and fabrics there.

In Zanzibar, you should definitely visit the stores Memories of Zanzibar and One Way, which are the largest souvenir centers in the country. Almost any souvenir can be found there, including spices and cotton clothes. 

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