The fun and festivities in Tanzania

The fun and festivities in Tanzania

Tanzania is a multinational country in which Islam, Christianity and traditional African religions coexist. They make a contribution to the way of life. Each confession has its own holidays and customs. Many solemn traditions remain within the tribes; they honor their beliefs and do not expose them to the public. Nevertheless, tourists will be able to attend official celebrations. As in the whole world, New Year is celebrated in Tanzania on January, 1. On December, 25, they have Christmas festivities. Tanzanians pay much attention to the celebration of the Day of Unification of Tanganyika and Zanzibar on April 26 and the Day of the Zanzibar Revolution on January 12. The Day of the Peasants, the Children's Day, Mother's Day are celebrated too. Religious ceremonies on Easter and the holy month of Ramadan are also held there.

About 40% of the country's population are children and teenagers, so they are treated with a special care. Tanzania widely celebrates Children's Day. It is held on June, 1. Events are accompanied by calls for family unity and observing rights of children, which is a particularly acute topic within the country. On this day, solemn parades are held on the streets. Children are given balls and small gifts, and children's shows are broadcasted on TV. In May, Mother's Day is celebrated. According to the tradition, it’s customary to give mothers and grandmothers flowers, which are usually red or pink carnations. White carnations are used for laying graves of the deceased relatives.

One of the most iconic holidays in Tanzania takes place in the Serengeti National Park. In April, the Great Migration of wild animals begins. That’s an amazing and dangerous sight. Herbivores move to search for the lawns, and predators follow them. More than one and a half million antelopes, thousands of zebras and gazelles gather into herds and go to new territories, where they are trapped by hungry predators. In the reservoirs, they are attacked by crocodiles, lions, and leopards who catch stragglers. A huge number of people come to watch migrations. The most spectacular view opens from a balloon. This kind of excursion is especially in demand precisely in the days of the Great Migration. 

The Day of Unification is widely celebrated on the streets of Tanzania. This holiday is the result of the centuries-old struggle for freedom. The country was one of the centers of the slave trade. The freedom was given to local residents as a result of a brutal but short revolution, followed by the unification of two countries - mainland Tanganyika and the Zanzibar archipelago. Solemn events are held on the festive day; political leaders deliver speeches. One of the most colorful and interesting events of the country is the Swahili culture festival, which has been held in Stone Town for over 10 years. The festival has the status of an international one, representatives of different cultures come to participate in it from all over Africa and demonstrate their creativity and folk art.

During the celebration, mystical and mysterious performances based on ancient cults take place. The modern African hip-hop sounds everywhere. The blending of modernity and tradition is now the norm for the continent. The holiday ends on the beaches, where folk festivities take place several nights in a row. Another famous festival is the International Film Festival in Zanzibar. The main objective of the event is to preserve the unique heritage and culture of Africa. Every year, directors from all over the world come to the festival. Most of the movies tell about different aspects of the African culture.

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