The Different Painting Styles Associated with Art

The Different Painting Styles Associated with Art


The Different Painting Styles Associated with Art

The world of painting artworks is evolving incessantly. The way artists visualize scenarios and depict it onto the canvas is constantly changing.

Colors are getting more complex.

The way thoughts and ideas are presented on the canvas is getting even more intricate. It might be difficult to get used to the different practices and styles the artists follow in creating paintings. Here are some of the common painting styles artists follow today.


Even though many have tried to define modernism, the real modernism has always managed to slip away from those definitions. Somebody had to draw a line and it turned out to be the art critics who took up the responsibility. So, now, Modernism is officially the period between 1860 and 1970. In simple words, modernism is a break away from the traditional form of art painting. One can say it is an infused form of art derived from many disciplines. In a way, modernism is a radical way of thinking by artists of that era, with no boundaries set by traditional method.


Impressionism is an art movement originated in Paris in late 19th century. Impressionism caught eyes of many critics, but mostly for the wrong reasons. The thin brush strokes, common and ordinary subjects, unusual angles etc are some features of this style of art painting. Outdoor scenes of landscapes and even streets became settings for impressionist painters.


Any art that illustrates anything, but not in the truest of forms, can be classified as abstract art. This is a real product of radical thought. In abstract paintings, you will never find a man, animal or even any real life object. Every object on the canvas is represented as either colors and or shapes. A simple shape on the painting can do many wonders. The artist might augment the shape with some simple exaggerations. Sometimes, the shape is scaled down to produce the effect the artist wants on the canvas.


The abstract style of art takes many forms. Expressionism is one such form. This style of painting is closely related to the emotions and feelings of human heart. This emotional overflow of human heart is illustrated from a subject’s perspective. The expressionist paintings either represents emotional state of the artist or is intended to induce some kind of an emotional echo within the viewer. Jackson Pollock was one of the biggest names in expressionist art painting. However, in most of his famous creations, he hardly touched the canvas with a brush. Pouring paint onto the canvas was his style of painting. This way he could capture the natural movement of paint too.

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