The chronicles of Edward Saidi Tingatinga's life

The chronicles of Edward Saidi Tingatinga's life

July 17, 2018

1932 - Born in Mindu area, near the village of Nakapanya, South of Tanzania; his mother is Agnes Mtembo, his father is Said Tingatinga (from another tribe, Ngindo, and Islamic); he is the first child of Agnes Tembo and the only one with her spouse Said Tingatinga

1937 - Edward's father having contracted leprosy has left the village community and Agnes Mtembo has taken another spouse, Anthony Tedo; they have only one child together, Galusse Andrea Tedo born in 1937

1940 - After having separated from her second spouse, Agnes Mtembo married Simon Mpata; their first child, Cecilia, sister of Edward Tingatinga is born that year

1942 - Birth of Simon George Mpata; he will be one of Tingatinga's five students and a couple of years after his brothers death, he will leave Tanzania to live and continue to paint in Nairobi, Kenya until he died in 1984

1953 - Tingatinga's mother, Agnes Mtembo dies

1957 - The young man Tingatinga leaves his birthplace to go to work in the sisal plantations around Tanga, coastal town of Tanzania, North of Dar es Salaam; the younger brothers and only sister, Cecilia, follow him to Tanga

1959 - Tingatinga comes to Dar es Salaam

1960 - He begins to work as a gardener

1961 - Independence of Tanganyika

1972 - Edward Tingatinga dies on the way to the hospital after being shot.

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