Magical Experiences in Tanzania To Fall In Love With

Magical Experiences in Tanzania To Fall In Love With

Did you ever wonder what is it like to spend a holiday in Tanzania? While you may be anxious about hiking mountains bumpy safari rides or interacting with the local people, we give you more reasons to be excited for an unbeatable visit; one filled with adventure, laughters and  memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Swahili. What a fun language to speak!

  • Mambo Vipi (what’s up)
  • Karibu Chakula ( welcome to share some food)
  • Asante Sana Rafiki (thank you very much my friend)


Isn’t this so easy to pronounce and remember? Tanzanians are known to be very hospitable and their welcoming attitude is well reflected in the Swahili expressions. During your holiday in Tanzania, you will enjoy to chat with locals and learn some Swahili  while admiring the sight of The Big Five, watching picturesque sunsets or shopping in local markets . More so, you are certain to remember a few Swahili words or phrases even after your holiday… just like the world fancies saying,  “‘Hakuna Matata”’!

Exchanging greetings with a vendor in a local market

Dancing with a traditional swag

The lean Masai springing above the ground, drum beats and deep voices enticing traditional dancers, Bongo Flava music playing on the radio and full moon parties thriving with a mix crowd. Are you already tempted? Don’t be shy to groove on a catchy beat.

Travelers stopping by for a signature Maasai dance

The Tanzanian music and dance culture is vibrant and is inspired from nature or from deep-rooted traditions. When in Tanzania, you will surely come across local music and traditional dances especially during a safari. The traditional dancers will love to teach you some free flowing moves; enjoy a high jump dance with the masais or some ngoma with the tribals. You can also attend the Sauti Za Busara Music Festival, or Wanyambo festival and enjoy live performances.

Sampling ‘Oh So Yummy’  Local Delicacies

Savouring fresh changu(local fish) garnished with lemon squeeze, Nyama Choma (barbequed meat chops) and peri peri chicken served with fries, traditional maharage (beans) with chapati (white flour flat-bread) or local rice make for unforgettable cuisine experiences in Tanzania.

A fresh seafood platter served by the beach

Fresh coconut water, perfect for the respite from the heat

Whether you are staying at a high-end lodge, a hotel in the city or in a remote camp, you will love to relish on delicious meals served with a tinge of local flavours. Many chefs will be happy to prepare local meals on request on 24 hours notice or share recipes of your favourite local meal. Do not forget to eat fresh fruits or drink madafu (coconut water). If you found your meal tasty, the serving staff will be happy to hear “Chakula Tamu Sana” (this was very delicious).

Shop a Zebra, Masai or The Tanzanite

Black and white portraits posing on canvas. Hippos and lions embedded on circular coasters. Giraffes and stone age man carved in statues. Dazzling blue exclusive stones embellished in rings and necklaces. Still want more of Tanzania after your blissful holidays? These stunning souvenirs will always remind you of your memorable stay.

A local artist giving last touches to its one in a hundred paintings

While there are always souvenirs from around the world, presents from Tanzania are compared to none. From affordable key rings and animal shaped miniature pieces to blown out canvas paintings and exclusive Tanzanite accessories, there are many precious gifts to take back home. Souvenir shopping can be done almost anywhere from street side shops to boutique stores at your hotel lodges or camps.

Unbeatable lifetime selfies?

Oh Yes! That should be on top of everyone’s list. Imagine yourself against a background of cubs and lionesses resting under a baobab tree. Giant elephants aiming with raising feet aiming leaves on a tall tree. Hiking the mountain or resting by the gorgeous beaches. We often take photographs as a return ticket of moments otherwise gone so why not some memorable selfies in the action packed nature.

A seamless selfie with a sea turtle in the Indian Ocean.

Don’t be afraid to grin while you spot a lion in the background or a turtle by your side.. You may have seen some amazing videos when animals favourite a safari car that make for a perfect selfie. Don’t forget to take a selfie with your guide or a local who made your holiday a memorable one!

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