Interesting Facts about African Culture

Interesting Facts about African Culture

Interesting Facts About African Culture:

Khweta Ceremony

This ceremony is performed to make men out of boys in Africa.

Khweta ceremony of the Xhosa is a test for a boy to qualify him as a man. Usually, the boys are made to stay in a separate lodge and are imposed certain tests to pass. If they pass, he will be eligible to take a woman for marriage, else, the boy would always be regarded as a boy and never a man and no woman would take him for marriage.

Putting a price on the bride

Lobola is an African custom by which a bridegroom’s family makes a payment in cattle or cash to bride’s family shortly before the marriage. All the negotiations must be done in writing.

Mourning a Death is tougher than fighting a lion

The Pokot tribe of Kenya has a radical view of death. They say it’s easy to convince the Pokot into fighting a wild animal rather than to convince him into mourning or looking at a dead person.

Whenever a person in a family is about to die, they abandon the house fearing if they even touch the person, they would be next to die.

Living with the wildlife

The Maasai tribe believes God has given them all the cattle in the world. Cattle are everything for them, and the number of cattle they have establishes their social and economic condition in their tribe. They have strict policies against killing wild animals

Women have their own houses

In the Gio tribe in Ivory Coast, each wife has her own small house made of mud and thatch usually, and she lives in with her children until they become old enough to move out. The children never live with their fathers.

Bull Jumping

After this ceremony, a Hamar man will have the freedom to make marriage and be regarded as a mature member of his tribe.

Kidnapping own bride

 It’s a custom where the man kidnaps the girl of his choice and forces her to agree to the marriage with him. When this happens, the elders of the family approach the girl’s father to ask for her hand. If the father accepts, the prospective bridegroom is beaten up by him. And if the groom isn’t accepted, the girl is forced into marriage anyway.

Red Sunblock

The Himba people often appear to have a red skin tone. They smear their skin with a mixture of butter fat and ochre — a natural earth pigment containing iron oxide — to protect themselves from the sun.

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