Hiking in Tanzania

Hiking in Tanzania

Apart from the dramatic wildlife scene and sweeping beach locations, Tanzania also boasts of diverse hiking spots that are often overlooked. If you are someone who is looking into off-the beaten path adventures, loves hiking or simply wants to explore the exotic side of Tanzania, there are a handful of impressive ranges. 

Hiking in Tanzania does not appear in common safari itineraries but arranging a day trip is easy with reputable mountain guides and travel agents. Besides this, mountain climbing requires you to be prepared ahead of time. If you here for a safari or a beach holiday, and are also thinking of a short hiking trip, we have compiled the best tips for your hiking adventure in Tanzania.

Hiking the Olduvai George in Tanzania

Yes in Tanzania, you don’t only hike mountains. There are plenty of scenic and adventurous destinations and it all depends on your itinerary and time that will allow you to explore more of Tanzania. If you are visiting the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, it is possible to hike the forest early morning with an armed ranger in few. Uluguru Udzungwa, Usambara mountain ranges are perfect for the weekends and if you wish to do a fully fledged hiking trip then Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro are just what you are looking for. So the no.1 question to ask yourself is what is your hiking destination?

Are there easy hikes?

While nearly most hiking destinations in Tanzania are non-technical, the climbs are challenging considering the rugged terrains and heights. If you are planning to venture into a Mt.Kilimanjaro or Mt. Meru hiking trip, physical training is a inevitable, at least three months prior. Udzungwa waterfalls, Lushoto and Pugu hills may not require aggressive mountain training but your stamina and physical fitness are detrimental to a successful hike. For any of your choices, we recommend you to warm up with a few jogging or running sessions to enjoy your adventure.

Feeling comfortable during the hike should be your aim

Your Bag Pack

By the time you pack your exclusive hiking gear you may wonder if you can carry that entire load on your back and still enjoy a smooth climb. We recommend you to carry the most important items and replace heavy essentials with smaller portable options. Ideally your mountain guide or tour operator will guide you better, depending on the number of days you wish to hike. Most gear is also available for rent locally, however items like hiking shoes and warmers should preferably carried by yourself.

The beginning of a long hiking journey in Tanzania

Dealing with exhaustion

Hiking on various terrains in Tanzania requires great stamina and hikes on mountains like Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru can tire you in a day if you are not prepared. Acclimatization, mountain sickness, asthma and physical injuries should not be taken casually and your mountain guide is the best person to advise you, often reckoning you to continue the climb or strictly not. There are many ways to prevent yourself from feeling drained out – eating healthy food and physical exercises are two important practices at least two months prior to your hike.

Delicious picnic box on a Uluguru hike

Carry your own food?

Have you heard of a chef tossing pancakes, preparing freshly brewed coffee or serving avocado and tomato bruschetta during your hike? When you climb with an experienced mountain guide, you need not worry about food. You are often served light, healthy food to ensure you feel energetic during the day. Besides being served three meals a days, we suggest you to carry some energy bars, nuts, some fresh fruits and light snacks. Feeling hungry on the mountain is common and getting some light food is a perk especially when the hike extends to more than 2 days.

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