Handmade products you need to get in Tanzania

Handmade products you need to get in Tanzania

September 01, 2018

Whether it is a five day trip or a month long vacation, there is simply so much to explore in Tanzania; from mountains and safari adventure to beach relaxation. Without any doubt, you can be simply be carried away during your holidays in Tanzania with all the exciting places you may be visiting for the first time. And sometimes simply making these memories may not be enough.

Don’t you want to carry a little piece of your favorite attraction back home? Of course we don’t mean literally but here are some irreplaceable motifs and why we think you will love to gift them to your loves ones and also keep some to yourselves.

Zanzibari Doors

The detailed wooden doors in Stone Town have the cultural roots of Zanzibar. The mélange of Swahili, Arab, and Indian traditions is evident in the design of Zanzibar doors. If you look close enough, these giant doors tell stories of the residents’ social status, religions, and professions.

After you have learnt enough about the history of these doors while touring around Stone Town, you are sure to pick a memento and a Zanzibari door will certainly add to your charming souvenir collection- it could be a keychain, a fridge magnet, a painting or just a very random impressive assortment. These doors are so charming.


Flamboyant and comfortable, you will envy all the designs and colors worn by local’s. Kitenge is a local East African fabric often stitched into skirts and dresses for women and shirts for men. Besides the patterns and colors, the cloth is very comfortable and goes easy with tropical climate of Tanzania.

Readymade kitenge outfits are often found in souvenir shops or you can simply get one stitched. The colorful and comfortable cotton is the perfect outfit for a summer holiday in Tanzania. Flaunt it right during your safari or take it back with you home.

Little Masai

During your safari, you are likely to meet the tall, lean and the most authentic people of Tanzania, none other than the Masai. While it is always fun chatting, interacting and trying the tall Masai jump, there are many stunning souvenirs that will keep the loving Masai in your thoughts and right by your side.

Ever seen the Masai candles, key rings, masai, cloth piece or statues. These adorable pieces are lightweight and easy to carry and can be purchased from most souvenir shops in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Moshi and Zanzibar.

Tanzania on a Canvas

Tinga Tinga paintings are part of the Ndonde mural art tradition. The Ndonde people decorate their huts with various pictures of animals and figures until today. However the artistic style became famous when one of the members of the Ndonde tribe, Edward Saidi Tingatinga came to the city of Dar es Salaam in sixties of the last century.

Today you can buy Tinga Tinga paintings exclusively from Oysterbay which has the legacy of a bunch of trained professional artists. From wildlife imitations to people and abstract art, one can never go back without buying adorable paintings from this market. Alternatively you can buy paintings from souvenir stores en route your Northern Circuit Safari or even in Stone Town Alleys in Zanzibar.

The Tanzanite

Nothing can be as precious as buying one of the rarest gem- The gorgeous Tanzanite. Adorned on a ring, tiny stones on necklace pieces, this gemstone is a special gift to possess and is available in the most popular cities in Arusha, Dar es Salaam and on the island of Zanzibar. Ask your tour guide for some time off and help you locate favorable souvenir stores. Make sure you have done a good research on the stone quality or locate a store with a trustworthy and certified tanzanite retailer.


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