Determining the Quality of Paintings

Determining the Quality of Paintings

February 03, 2019

Investing money in any piece of art is a huge decision to make. Tinga Tinga Art can, after all, be expensive with absolutely no promises as far as how the quality of the painting will last over the years. Whether you are selecting art for your business or in order to decorate your home effectively, there is one element that you choose that you should always be sure of. That is the quality. Every piece of art you invest in should be of the highest possible quality if you want it to stand the test of time in terms of its value and its longevity without losing it’s appeal.

However, it is a fact that most people that like art but would not necessarily consider themselves to be experts do not know how to determine the quality of canvas paintings. Guidelines on how to determine the quality of canvas painting are not readily published everywhere, or even online, so there is no shame in not knowing but you should do a little research right now so you can figure out what to look for. The following five points provide you with a great starting point in determining the quality of a canvas painting:

  • Consistency – The consistency of paintings is incredibly important in determining which is good art and which is bad art in terms of quality. An artist should have taken his or her time over the canvas art and so the styles and forms used should be consistent. If an area of the painting breaks with the established style or looks to be a little sloppy (and you will be able to tell) then avoid it. Our contracted artists are always tested in consistency of their artwork quality.
  • Presentation – Believe it or not, you can judge the quality of canvas painting by the way they are framed. If the art is tacked into a frame rather than stapled then it is of poor quality. The frame should also be sturdy and undamaged if you are to deem canvas art as high quality. The frames of the canvas is the wooden part of a painting where the canvas is wrapped.
  • Compare – Although all canvas paintings cannot be Picassos or Monets, you can use paintings that you have experience with as a point of comparison. All good quality canvas artwork will be immediately evident if you have viewed paintings by the greats. You should set your standards high to make the most of your investment. You can simply compare by going to your nearest art museum or art gallery events in your local area.
  • Research – You should do a little research about numerous elements of the canvas artwork you are assessing. If you can find information about the quality of the paintings then that is fabulous but if not check out the styles and forms used in canvas paintings that are similar. By having a knowledge base to work with you’ll find judging the quality of canvas art much easier. 
  • Preference – This bit is the easiest of all five points to examine. Do you like it? Most people immediately shy away from poor quality canvas art automatically because they will not like how it looks aesthetically. If you like something then the quality of canvas artwork will is the only thing important. Buying from a reputable and knowledgeable artist of gallery will ease those worries.

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