An except from a travelers' blog

An except from a travelers' blog

August 01, 2018

"Everyone who goes on safari comes out with a story – mine was the roaring lion, a friend’s was of a leopard protecting its young from monkeys, or a playful baby elephant who wouldn’t stop irritating its mother. Go beyond the documentaries and see this world for yourself, see what stories you’ll come back with.

In the Ngorogoro Crater you’ll get the chance to spot the cast of The Lion King in their natural habitat. And Tanzania isn’t one to do anything by halves – the crater is the world’s largest unflooded caldera. Being the remnants of an exploded volcano, it is seriously fertile landscape, so prepare for wildlife in abundance.

Over dinner you’ll debate what is more beautiful – an elephant or a giraffe? What is scarier – a lion or a hippo? This phrase gets thrown around a lot but trust me, a safari in Tanzania is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For some, the idea of pushing your body to its absolute extreme, reaching the point of exhaustion and pushing on further, while battling with every element and the threat of altitude sickness, isn’t number one on the list. Funny, huh? For others, it screams challenge and is right at the top of their bucket list.

Well, having pushed myself through that torture, I can tell you that it’s absolutely, one hundred percent worth it. The journey will take you from rainforest right up to glaciers and snow, the beauty is unrivalled, the sunrises impossible to capture on a camera.

If you fancy getting your head above the clouds and showing yourself just how powerful you really are, make this mountain a priority while you’re in Tanzania.

Zanzibar. Sweet, sweet Zanzibar. I’ve had you on my list of “must return to”s ever since I left you. I will humbly say that having been fortunate enough to see beaches from the Caribbean to Southeast Asia, the sands and seas of Zanzibar are the best yet.

North coast spots of Kendwa and Nungwi offer still, shallow waters that reflect sunsets in all sorts of scrumptious shades. The Indian ocean is crystal clear, and dhow boats float by in their slow, “nowhere I need to be” fashion to provide a perfect backdrop to your sundowner cocktails"

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