Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park

April 11, 2019

Amboseli National Park will reveal what natural wonders really are. It is one of the popular attractions in Kenya and Tanzania safaris.  It is famous for sighting of hundreds of big-tusked elephants grazing and moving around doing their business on the yellow arid grounds of the park. It is also popular for offering breathtaking views of the world’s highest stand alone peak, bordering southern part of the National Park, Mt Kilimanjaro. Apart from the obvious and large natural wonder, you will be awed by the diverse wildlife species housed in the park and the contrasting oasis-like patches of swamps. Phenomenal sceneries, exotic birds, and wild beasts, a wondrous haven on Earth!

There is no doubt that Amboseli National Park is best for the wildlife photographers and documenters. They get almost an endless stream of content from just one visit to the national park. However, this doesn’t mean that, apart from those professionals, you won’t enjoy the safari. Parade of huge elephants, lions lazing around in the ground, herd of wildebeest or the extraordinary scenery of Mt Kilimanjaro blanketed with clouds right in front of your big ogling eyes will definitely be as enjoyable as playing Temple Run on your Smartphone. Experiencing the wonders of the nature right before your eyes, which was only possible for you through the most coveted rectangular visual device, is too much for the curious minds of us humans to overlook them. Like your eyes are stuck on an art piece made by the heavenly artist. The Kenya and Tanzania safaris will keep the inquisitive minds well-fed.

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